Lecturer, Geography Program Undergraduate Advisor
Associate Professor, 1-year Hydrogeology (MS) Program Head
hydrogeology, watershed hydrology, groundwater recharge/discharge
Lecturer, ECo and Geosciences, MS Geography- GIST Concentration Graduate Program Director
GIS, geography education
Distinguished Professor, Director of the Climate System Research Center
climatology, paleoclimatology, global change, arctic environments
Quaternary/glacial geology, arctic paleoenvironments
Professor, Department Head
paleoclimatology, speleothems, stable isotopes, sediment diagenesis
Associate Professor
biogeochemistry, molecular paleoclimatology
UMass Extension Associate Professor
near-surface geophysics, hydrogeophysics
Research Associate Professor and Lecturer
Paleoclimate, Arctic, Lacustrine systems
Professor, Geosciences Graduate Program Director
structural geology, geomechanics, rock fracture mechanics
Senior Lecturer, ECo and Geosciences
human geography, sustainability, sustainability education, environmental politics, political ecology
Professor, Co-Director, School of Earth and Sustainability
Climatology, Glaciology, Earth System Modeling
Associate Professor
seismology, geophysics
Professor, Associate Department Head, Geography Chief Undergraduate Adviser
urban studies in China, Japan, and the U.S
UMass Extension Associate Professor
hydrogeology, water resources and climate change, ecohydrology, surface water - groundwater interactions
Associate Professor, Director of EMSEMF
microanalysis, mineralogy, geochemistry
Research Assistant Professor
Climate Change, Climate Change Impacts Assessment
Assistant Professor
geomorphology, landscape evolution, cosmogenic nuclides
Professor, Chief Undergraduate Advisor for Geology & Earth Systems
micropaleontology, stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, paleoceanography
Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts State Geologist
Associate Professor
Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanography, Climate Change
Associate Professor, Associate Department Head
biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology, organic geochemistry, organic geochemistry
Extension Associate Professor, Associate Director, Climate System Research Center
climatology, climate change, remote sensing
Five College Professor
volcanology, petrology, geochemistry
Assistant Professor
biogeochemistry, trace metal cycling, plant-soil-rock interactions
Lecturer, Lab Manager: Stable Isotope and Biogeochemistry Labs
isotope and molecular paleoclimatology
Senior Lecturer
cultural/political ecology, environmental history, conservation
Environmental Anthropology
Igneous Petrology
Assistant Professor, Geography Graduate Program Director
political and environmental geography
structural geology, metamorphic petrology, Precambrian geology
Assistant Professor
Biogeochemical cycles, Chemical weathering, Isotope hydrology
Associate Professor
Sediments, Coastal Dynamics
Research Assistant Professor
sediment storage
Associate Professor, MS Geography Graduate Program Director
environmental geography, GIS, remote sensing

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Assistant Professor
earth system science, GIS, remote sensing
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Chironomid (midge) paleoecology, paleoclimatology, lake studies
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Geomorphology, river corridors
Adjunct Professor
paleoclimatology, Lake Sediments
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adjunct Assistant Professor
planetary geology, GIS
Adjunct Assistant Professor
paleoceanography, micropaleontology, biostratigraphy
Adjunct Assistant Professor
New England regional geology
Adjunct Assistant Professor
paleoceanography/paleoclimate , stratigraphy

Emeritus Faculty

Professor Emeritus
paleomagnetism, geophysics
igneous petrology, planetary science, volcanology, geoscience outreach
Professor Emeritus
political economy, political development, political resources, SE Asia
Professor Emeritus
mineralogy, petrology, metalliferous economic geology
Professor Emeritus
experimental and field petrology , Earth's core, Earth's mantle
Professor Emeritus
land and water resource policy
Professor Emeritus
structural geology, petrology, crystal chemistry
Professor Emeritus
human geography: sense of place, visual thinking & photography, Latin American population & migration, Massachusetts historical evolution
Professor Emeritus
structural geology, planetary geology
Professor Emeritus
environmental geochemistry, clay minerals, lake environments

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