Undergraduate Program in Geology

The primary objectives of geology are to understand the processes that constantly change the earth and other terrestrial planets, and to decipher the history of the earth and terrestrial planets from the time of origin of the solar solar system to the present day.  Achieving these objectives involves diverse activities.  Geologists study active natural features such as coastlines, glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, lakes and rivers. Geologic mapping of rocks, sediments and other features is done to learn of past events and conditions, and field/laboratory studies are conducted to determine fundamental chemical and physical properties of minerals, rocks, sediments, surface and groundwaters.  Finding and developing resources such as groundwater aquifiers, minerals, and energy sources, as well as managing geologic relationships and processes.  Efforts in the field of geosciences and in the department focus on the study of climate history, earth surface- and near-surface processes such as hydrology and sedimentology, and the study of the structure and materials of the solid earth.

Departmental Honors Program for Geology and Earth Systems

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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology (Geology track)
For those interested in studying geology with a strong scientific foundation, leading to a professional career in geological sciences.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology (Earth Science track)
For those interested in teaching earth sciences; the earth sciences track fulfills Standard I (field of knowledge) requirements of the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) leading to Earth Science Teacher Certification in Massachusetts.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geology
For those with an interest in geology in the context of a more broadly based liberal arts education.  Recommended for students interested in a double major.

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